The Logistics sector is where it all started for M4 Specialist

It still represents the largest Customer base within our business. Many of our Consultants and Managers here at M4, including the MD, come from a Logistics background themselves and we have used this expertise and knowledge of the industry to establish ourselves as a leading supplier of both Temporary and Permanent staff in this sector.

The landscape of the UK Logistics market has seen dramatic changes over the last 10 years and will continue to do so as the rise of e-commerce and technological innovation pushes an ever growing customer demand.

This complexity and ever changing nature of logistics operations, coupled with the growing concern about skill shortages in the sector, make it more important than ever for Organisations to choose a Recruitment Partner who truly understands the market.

Job Roles we recruit for

Looking for Temporary Staff?

With offices strategically located throughout the UK, we have an extensive database of Temporary Driving & Industrial Staff covering in excess of 5000 shift a week.

Our Client base ranges from small independent general hauliers to large multinational supply chain organisations. We support companies with highly specialist operations such as Aviation, Freight, High Security, High Risk and Dangerous goods. Adhering to the highest of industry standards we are a trusted supplier of enhanced vetting procedures and provide regular security training to our team of highly skilled and experienced temporary personnel.

Support Options Tailored to support your needs

Local Branch Supply

Our network of branch locations can offer a unique personal service at a competitive price. With a vast knowledge of the local employment market, they have ample resources at their disposal to provide a wide range of highly trained and experienced temporary personnel.

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Master Vend

Often the best choice for Clients with a high usage of temporary personnel that are subject to peak periods, our master vendor solution delivers a consistent level of service through our trusted network of 2nd tier suppliers.

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On-site Presence

For sites with a 'high' Agency usage it may be beneficial to introduce a full or partial on-site recruitment team. This team will oversee all aspects of the Recruitment process including Training, Inductions, Briefing/Debriefing, Payroll, HR, Service Level Monitoring and Reporting.

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Complete Resource Management

Through this model M4 are able to deliver specific improvements to performance and productivity management, achieved through a number of initiatives including; smaller work groups, productivity planning and rewards, training in best practice work methods, improved staff engagement and KPI monitoring.

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