Adrian Dreslerski

tel: 01977 235128
mob: 07548 133782

Adrian is a seasoned Senior Consultant with a rich background in the recruitment and transport sector. With a strong focus on transport planning and managing drivers, he brings strategic insight and operational expertise to ensure seamless logistics solutions for our clients. Adrian’s expertise extends to robust communication skills, essential for coordinating complex logistics operations and fostering strong relationships with clients, drivers, and team members. He prides himself on my ability to listen, articulate, and execute solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Analytically minded, Adrian adeptly navigate the complexities of transport planning, from route optimization to scheduling and compliance. His approach involves a meticulous assessment of variables to ensure efficient, reliable service delivery, reflecting my commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Adaptability and flexibility are my hallmarks, especially critical in the dynamic environment of transport and recruitment. He seamlessly adapts to changing regulations, market conditions, and client needs, ensuring that our operations remain efficient and responsive. Teamwork is central to Adrian ethos; managing drivers and working collaboratively with all staff is pivotal in creating a cohesive and productive work environment.

"" - Adrian Dreslerski, Senior Onsite Consultant