Anele Bovana

mob: 07708390538

Anele has been at M4 recruitment for 2 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed my time! Prior to M4 he had no experience in recruitment but was thankful that M4 Recruitment gave the opportunity, since then he has grown the  business from strength to strength and it’s very exciting to be a part of growing company.

Anele started off  as a trainee consultant in the Heathrow Branch and now have moved up to Project Coordinator for the National Projects team and have loved every minute of it. Not only has this exposed him to different side of recruitment, it has helped him gain more skills and confidence which has had a positive impact on my life and career.

He is looking forward to what the future holds and I am proud to be part of the M4 family!”

"" - Anele Bovana, Project Co-ordinator